Training Details

We offer in class training ONLY, this ensures that each student grasps the necessary skills to successfully apply eyelash extensions. You will receive well rounded training that covers both theoretical and practical instruction.

Theory – Students receive an eyelash extensions training manual that, together with the instructor, will be worked through in its entirety.

Practical - Under guidance and supervision, students will receive practical hands on training. Eyelash extension techniques will be practiced as follows:

  • Practice Mannequins – At this beginning stage, students will learn proper eyelash extensions application techniques through the use of a mannequin. Eyelash removal techniques will also be covered.    
  • Live Model  – The second application stage will comprise of students applying eyelash extensions on live models. This section is hands on with instructor guidance and supervision.


To obtain certification, the following must be completed and deemed satisfactory.

  • Written Test – Students must pass a written test
  • Successful in class application of eyelash extensions on a mannequin and live model
  • Submission of proof of successful applications by way of photos of students work
  • successful application of extensions on model during a live examination.

 A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of testing. 

Re-certification / Re-training

Students will have the opportunity to refresh their application technique. Students looking for retraining can join part of a class or take private one on one training with the instructor.


Training Kits

PROFESSIONAL KIT for Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our Professional Kit includes everything you will need to succeed as a Professional Eyelash Extension Technician.  Our products are among the best in the industry – from the lashes to the tools and of course, the adhesive.  An eyelash technician is only as good as their adhesive. In our Kits we are proud to use products from international leaders in  eyelash extensions.  Below is a list of the products that are included in the professional training kit)


1 Professional Adhesive
1 Gel Remover
1Tray Premium Mink Lashes, 0.15x8mm, C-Curl

1 Tray Premium Mink Lashes, 0.15x9mm, C-Curl

1Tray Premium Mink Lashes, 0.15x10mm, C-Curl

1Tray Premium Mink Lashes, 0.15x11mm, C-Curl

1Tray Premium Mink Lashes, 0.15x12mm, C-Curl

1Tray Premium Mink Lashes, 0.15x13mm, C-Curl

1 Jade Stone (to keep adhesive cool)
2 Eyelash Comb Brushes, 5
2 Professional Straight Tweezers, Stainless Steel
1 Professional Bended Tweezers, Stainless Steel
1 Professional Angled Tweezers, Stainless Steel
1 Professional Mini Scissors, Stainless Steel
10 Cotton Tips
1 LashCare Make Up Remover & Primer
15 Disposable, Plastic Mascara Brushes
20 Micro Brush Swabs
15 pairs LINT-FREE, Hydrofirm Under Eye Gel Patches (upgraded)
1 Surgical Face Mask
2 Surgical 3M Tape
1 Air Blower
1 Standard Eyelash Extension Training case

 *Brands used may vary and are subject to change

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