Below are some Frequently Asked Questions in regards to training. If you have a questions not listed, please send it by email to
If you feel that you would benefit from additional training to your original course, you can sign up for additional days at $300 a day.
Unfortunately, courses are closed to the trainer, registered students and scheduled models
Aside from re-certification, certificates are not generally given directly after a course. After the training is completed, students are required to practice on their own, take photos of their work and when they feel ready, schedule a live examination and a written test. As all students develop at different paces, we leave it up to the student to decide when they are ready to get tested.
If you are from out of town and are unable to easily come in for your live examination, exceptions can be made and photos can be submitted in lieu of a live test. Photos will be reviewed by the trainer and if deemed satisfactory the certificate will be issued.
You can get supplies from our ProLashTech Shop where you will be able to purchase all professional tools and supplies. In the mean time, we provide a list of various suppliers throughout the city.
It is always recommended that you provide your own models for the training. If you are unable to provide your own models, we can find them for you for an additional fee of $25. Please keep in mind that we would need to know if you need models at least 4 days in advance.